Surfing the Web at 60 WPM

It is, of course, very silly.  But that's what makes it fun.

To start surfing, first install Lynx (see the installation instructions here).  Then, under the "Bookmarks" menu select "RTTY.COM".  This will take you to the web page (which you should also visit frequently when surfing at normal speed).  Go get a cup of coffee while it prints out, and come back in fifteen or twenty minutes.

Here's what the beginning will look like:

Because we don't have a mouse to click on links, we need a different way to surf.  Note in the above display the number 1 between colons, ":1:", immediately prior to "ABOUT RTTY.COM" in the middle of the screen.  That's the link.  When the page finally prints out, you'll get a prompt for the next location:


If you wanted to follow the "ABOUT RTTY.COM" link, type a "1" at the prompt.  In other words, all links in the displayed pages are marked as numbers between colons, and you can follow that link by typing the link number at the prompt.  If you want to go somewhere directly, at the "URL ? " prompt, type the full URL.  For example:

URL ? .,.LC

Note the use of ".,.LC" in the example to shift input to lowercase.  Much of the web is not sensitive to case, but you'll occasionally run into things are are.

Finally, you can also save new bookmarks.  First, go to the page you're interested in and wait for it to completely print out.  When you get to the "URL ? " prompt, type "SAVE".  It will then show up in the Bookmarks menu.  To have it show up the next time you run Heavy Metal, go to the "File" menu and "Save Configuration".

Once you start surfing, you stay in surfing mode until you cancel it.  To do that, select an entry from the "Cancel" menu, or type ".,.ABORT"

Have fun!

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