Stand-alone version of Heavy Metal for Windows

Update - 4/21/2001:

The previous problems with FTP not working and harmless warning and error messages have been fixed in the current stand-alone version of Heavy Metal - 1.02.   Note that this problem only occurred on the Windows stand-alone, so 1.0 is still the latest version for the Linux/interpreted version.

Update - 4/20/2001:

You can expect to see a series of warning messages in the DOS window from which Heavy Metal is launched.  If they talk about uninitialized concatenations you may safely ignore them.  Note also that it may take up to 20 seconds for Heavy Metal to complete its initialization sequence and display the main window.  Also, it looks like the FTP function is broken in the .exe version.  This affects the Weather commands as well as file ftp.  I'm in contact with the perl2exe support and expect to have a solution or workaround soon.

Okay, it is somewhat of a pain installing the Perl environment that Heavy Metal needs. So, here's another option.  There are several programs around (perlapp and perl2exe) that will convert a Perl program into a Windows executable file.  They do this by bundling the needed portions of the Perl environment along with the Perl program.  The resulting file is large, and sometimes slightly slower than the original - but it sure is easier to install.

I've tried both perlapp (from ActiveState) and perl2exe (from IndigoStar Software), and settled on the latter.  Here's all you need to do:

Download heavymetal.exe (right-click on the previous link and save-as).

That's it.  When you've finished downloading (it's about 3 megabytes), just double-click on the whizzy Heavy Metal icon and try it out (be sure to drop the Config menu and set up for your serial port, speed and code).

Oh, you'll still need to install Lynx if you want to try the simulated AP Newswire or do some web browsing.  The instructions for that are here.

If you like Heavy Metal, do consider installing the Perl environment and running the Perl version of the program.  The big benefit is that the Perl program itself is a simple text file that you can edit with your favorite text editor.  This way, you can easily customize Heavy Metal to suit your tastes.

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